Can You Smoke In Brantingham Lake Rentals?

The use of tobacco products has been met with tighter regulations in recent years as more countries are recognizing the significant health risks associated with smoking. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 74 countries have implemented nationwide smoking bans as an initiative to protect public health and decrease the health risks associated with secondhand smoke.

Although the US does not have a nationwide smoking ban in place, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 28 states have taken the initiative to prohibit smoking in indoor and public spaces within their jurisdictions. This includes the entire state of New York, where even renter hotspots like Brantingham are subject to smoke-free laws in local bars, restaurants, and workplaces. If you’re a smoker planning to take a trip up to Brantingham Lake, here’s what else you need to know.

Local smoke-free policies and regulations

The local laws and regulations in New York are in place to effectively limit access to tobacco and vaping products, and the state is recognized as a leader in tobacco control policy. It first enacted the Clean Indoor Air Act in 1989, prohibiting smoking in most indoor and outdoor public areas and workplaces. Since the 2021 amendment of the act, the state has also banned vaping and the use of similar vapor products in public spaces.

In line with this, the New York state government also allows municipalities to pass their own smoking regulations that can be tighter than the state-wide law. For example, New York City’s municipality is working to extend the smoking ban to cover local parks, beaches, and pedestrian plazas. This is to decrease further the risk of exposing non-smokers to the harmful effects of tobacco products and vapes.

Considerations for Brantingham Lake

Brantingham Lake is located in Greig, New York. The municipality does not have any special smoking laws to consider and follows the provisions of the state-wide smoking ban. With this, smoking is prohibited in indoor and outdoor public areas for locals and tourists, but some accommodations in the area may allow smoking. Brantingham is known for being a renter hotspot, as you can access a variety of private lodges, cottages, and cabins during your stay.

Our post “Looking for some summer getaway ideas in Upstate NY?” details some of the best spots you can stay in at Brantingham Lake with cottage strategically located to quickly access activities like swimming, fishing, boating, and hiking in the local terrain. Still, New York has no laws prohibiting smoking in private indoor properties, so some rentals may allow it for guests. However, it would be best to check in with the owners of the place you plan to rent before your trip to avoid legal trouble about breaking their house rules.

Recommended alternatives

Since New York has a state-wide smoking ban and not all private rentals in Brantingham allow smoking on their properties, it’s recommended that you carry smoking alternatives during your trip. In doing so, you won’t have to worry about the local policies and regulations, making it easier to kick back and relax. You can purchase Juice Head nicotine pouches for your trip, as these do not contain tobacco, are entirely smokeless, and are available in a wide variety of flavors, including peach pineapple mint, blueberry lemon mint, and strawberry mint. Nicotine pouches are a great alternative because they can be used in spaces where smoking is prohibited.

Additionally, nicotine pouches come in varying strengths to accommodate any smoking withdrawals—all you have to do is place a pouch between your gum and lip to release the flavors and satisfy your cravings. If you prefer a different alternative, LUCY Chew and Park nicotine gum is another excellent option since it can also satisfy an oral fixation while relieving any smoking urges you might have.

If you are considering a stay at Brantingham Lake, we hope the above article proves useful.

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