When do Lewis County ATV trails close?

When do Lewis County ATV Trails close?

 If you’re wondering when the Lewis County ATV trails close, you’re not alone. With so many riders eager to hit the trails later in the season, it’s important to know the dates when the trails shut down.

The opening of ATV trails in Lewis County, NY varies each year, but typically the trails open in the spring on April 1st, and stay open until the first Tuesday after Columbus day in October.  The exact opening and closing dates can vary depending on weather conditions and other factors, so it’s always a good idea to check back to this page as we will update it regularly each season.

  • For 2024 the trails Open April 1st 2024   They open- around April 1st in specific areas where the conditions are favorable, and then over the next several weeks the entirety of the trail system will open, section by section.

Trails close in:


Local Authorities

It’s important to note that even when the trails are officially open, there may be certain areas that are closed or restricted due to maintenance or other issues. Always be sure to check back for any updates before heading out on the trails.

One of the most popular trails in Lewis County is the Tug Hill Trail System, which covers over 200 miles of trails throughout the county. This trail system is known for its challenging terrain and breathtaking views, making it a must-ride for any serious ATV enthusiast. Other notable trails in the county include the Flat Rock Trail System, the Osceola Trail System, and the Winona State Forest Trail System.

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In addition to the ATV trails, Lewis County offers plenty of other activities for outdoor enthusiasts, including fishing, hunting, camping, and hiking.  There are also many local businesses and restaurants to check out, making it a great destination for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation.

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In summary, the Lewis County ATV trails typically open on April 1st and stay open until the first Tuesday after Columbus Day in October, but always check for updates and any closures before heading out. The Tug Hill Trail System is a must-ride for any serious ATV enthusiast, but there are plenty of other trails and outdoor activities to enjoy in the area as well. Plan your trip in advance and be sure to check out the local businesses and restaurants to make the most of your time in Lewis County.